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Installing Fennosys root CA to Firefox (Android)

We begin by downloading Fennosys ROOT CA:

Do not attempt to install it from Firefox (It'll refuse to do it). Instead we now go to..

* Android Settings → Security & Lock Screen → Encryption & credentials → Install a certificate

Select “CA Certificate”

Select “Install anyway”. The device will now ask your PIN. Enter the PIN and continue.

Tap on “Fennosys-PN-CA.crt”

So our CA is now installed to Android's CA store! =)

Next we'll setup Firefox to use Android CA store so that it'll work with the CA we just added.

  • Open Firefox → Settings → About Firefox
  • Click Firefox logo 5 times (There will be small pop-up saying “Debug menu is enabled”)
  • Back to Settings
  • Secret Settings → Activate “Use third party CA certificates”

All done! =)

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